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Creative Design

Our approach is aimed towards helping small businesses succeed. We do this through eye catching, high-impact design in both web and graphic design. By offering completely custom sites catered to what your business needs or a carefully crafted brand identity, we can set you apart from everyone else in your market.

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Web Development

Establishing your business online requires a great deal of consideration with regard to not only the design of your website, but the functionality as well. Websites that work well on mobile devices, the ability to sell products electronically, and optimizing your website in the eyes of the popular search engines will set up your business for success.

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Branding & Logos

Whether you have a brand new company that you’re building from the ground up, or you’re an established business with roots, one of the most critical basics your business needs is an identity. Current and potential customers must be able to tell you apart from your competition. We provide you with logo and brand identity that you can properly market to your target audience effectively.

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Marketing & Advertising

We want to see your business be competitive in its respective market. This requires thoughtfully planned marketing strategies that will highlight the strengths of your business. We take the time to ask you questions about your goals, as well as offer informed suggestions that will help to maximize visibility and drive new business.

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Social Media

Twitter? Facebook? What should I write for my status today? Getting likes and composing posts that will yield high traffic volume is a tricky business. We pose a few simple questions about your intended goals, then craft messaging and quality content that is specifically tailored to your intentions. We’ll even schedule them for you so that your posts are seen at the optimum time for their respective categories.


  • Search Engine Optimized

    The most important thing about your message should be that people are actually seeing it. Our websites are constructed on a WordPress foundation, and this excellent CMS combined with our best practices helps search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing! find your website appropriately displaying your messaging.
  • Responsive Development

    We live in an era where your website will be viewed on every device conceivable. Both current and potential customers need to be able to clearly view your website and the message that you’re putting forward. We develop a responsive website design that functions seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices, helping to keep your business relevant.
  • E Commerce Ready

    Expanding your product availability to the web is now the premier means of selling a brand worldwide. Nearsighted Studios will install an eCommerce platform on your website and show you how to post new products, manage your inventory, and fulfill orders. Want to accept more than PayPal? We can get you on set up to accept credit cards right on your website as well, just ask us how.
  • Small Business Pricing

    We believe that you shouldn’t spend a fortune on your design needs. Your time is better served focusing on your business, not updating your website and printing your own materials. We offer plans to fit most any budget, are happy to write a custom proposal, and even work on an hourly basis if that is what works best for you.


Step One: Research

We want to learn everything there is to know about your business, because without knowing what you know, how can we create something that perfectly represents your business? We spend time understanding your likes /dislikes, your competition, and what sets you apart before anything else.

Step Two: Create

Whether we’re creating a logo, a brochure, or a full website, we are going to take the time throughout the design process to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re aiming for.  Theres nothing worse than getting to the end of your project and finding out you’re not happy.  If you’re not happy, neither are we!

Step Three: Deliver

When everything is said and done, your project will be completed and our aim is to ensure you’re satisfied with what we’ve been able to deliver. But more than that, you’re going to understand how it works and we’re the ones that are teaching! Our goal is to make sure you are set up for success when we’re done with your project.