Welcome to the new Nearsighted Studios website!  As we prepare to move into 2017, we have some changes occurring within the company that is going to allow for growth, expansion, and better service for our growing client base.  With these changes in mind, we have determined that a new brand was critical in conveying our shifting gears in the new year.

The new website pays homage to our desire to provide current and prospective clients with the high quality designs, capable of competing with ever changing design trends.  In doing so, we’ve been able to display some of the work that we’re extremely proud of, we’ve expanded our operation to include this blog you see here, where we can provide useful information not just about Nearsighted Studios, but industry information, small business tips, and more.

As we continue to move forward in 2017, we hope that we will be able to continue to grow and assist small businesses across Michigan and beyond with the high impact design services that they want and need, without the costs associated with the large agencies who require big budgets to get anything done.  Don’t be afraid to reach out and see how we can help your small business, we’re ready when you are.


Gary Mavis
Gary Mavis

Nearsighted Studios founder, web developer and graphic designer.